Your translator and life coach

Welcome to the website of Shakti Majumdar, translator and life coach.
I am providing four services:

  • Translation, interpreting and language courses for many languages of the Indian subcontinent
  • Life Advice based on the Bagh Awad Gita
  • Advice for a spiritual visit to India
  • Commercial contacts in in India, transporting Belgian products
    in India

I'm Shakti Majumdar, translator and life coach. I like my work and I am doing it in honor of my father and my late grandfather, which I still carry in my heart. They are my strength in everything I do and that’s why I never feel alone.

As you can see, I work with the colors of the rainbow on my website. That has a special reason. I will explain it color by color.

  • Violet: information, spirituality, self-correction.
  • Indigo: shiva, I wear a blue collar which takes all the pain/poison of people to save them from the negative/evil so that no one gets hurt, I want to help people.
  • Blue: language learning.
  • Green: health maintenance.
  • Yellow: caution, goodness.
  • Orange: warmth, ability to shine.
  • Red: happiness.

On one side of the rainbow you can find the customer, on the other side you will find the visitors. It's all about give and take. We help each other out. People are happier when they see a rainbow, so the client feels alife and wants to keep it that way.

The force is to live our lives with the power that we possess. With the five elements that exist: sun, heat, air, water and earth. Our individuality, our life, our being.

The interaction with each other, talking, feeling, just being with your own harmony, peace, energy. We are full of life, can talk and see, we have to appreciate everything as long as we live, we will enjoy and everything falls into place. Until the end.

My hobbies are: Bollywood movies and my favorite actor Salman Khan (with the program Big Boss, I love this program because this program is the rainbow of my life)..

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Life coaching

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