Life coaching: to make you feel better

Shakti Majumdar gives life coaching based on the Bhagavad Gita, one of the oldest writings of the Indian Hindu culture, but still relevant to all  things that happen to modern human beings: the feeling that you get lost or you're stuck, addiction to smoking or alcohol, stress.

The great lesson of the Bhagavad Gita is that there is a middle way between extremes; that there can be transparency, harmony and balance.

Central to life coaching is that you have a greater spirituality, a higher wisdom and reach a greater detachment. And all this through the path of gradualism. We are the only civilization in the world, and we still live according to the same values as 8.000 years ago. Mahenjodaro and harappa, these places are still the same in terms of values.

With her medical training which Shakti Majumdar got in India, she is fully prepared for the healing of physical and mental discomfort. In Belgium she is not exerting physical medicine. Her life coaching here is basically focused on the spiritual side of life. Of course that is inextricably linked to physical aspects: meditation, yoga and macrobiotics to practice the body.

You can follow the life lessons of Shakti Majumdar on her Facebook. Personal coaching can be obtained online, via the Internet, in personal conversations with Shakti Majumdar at home or with you, or in groups.

The advice on Facebook you can follow for free.

A special focus of Shakti Majumdar are mothers of young adults. They often are anxious about how their children develop and they would want to intervene or have influence - but how, and what does this mean for them?

She is also an ancient race of highly educated Brahmins; her ancestors translated the Ramayana in Bengali.

Contact here by e-mail or call 0486/860.003.


ACHYUT ASHRAMGita Shakti Life Coaching School

Dr. Majumdar Shakti gives life coaching lessons based on Bhagawad Gita! Bhagawad Gita is an enormous source for fulfillment in life & living. GitaShakti Life Coaching is based on Bhagawad Gita's instructions: Yoga Breathing meditation & food intake.

Every saturday the life coaching takes place between 7 pm-9pm & then dinner together!

For Information call 0032485/803336

Project: GitaShakti Mandir

Gita Shakti Life Coaching School


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